Kelly M. Babchishin, Ph.D.



Babchishin K. Headshot.jpg    I am a Banting postdoctoral fellow (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) with the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (Dr. Michael Seto) and the Karolinska Institute Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Sweden (Dr. Niklas Långström). My current research involves identifying causal candidates for the onset of sexual offending behaviours. Other research interests include change in sexual offending behaviours across the lifespan, pedophilia, and online sexual offenders. For this research, I have received the John Charles Polanyi Prize. I have completed over a dozen distinct meta-analysis, have taught a statistics (undergraduate course on research methods, graduate course on meta-analysis), and offer a one-day workshop with my colleague, Dr. Leslie-Maaike Helmus.

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 Area of Research: Statistics; Sexual offences; Offender change; Risk